White Out – Holiday Style

Forget what your momma said about white after Labor Day. Better yet – take it one step further by rocking white for the holiday season. Winter White is what it’s all about. It’s that spectrum of colors that spans from Ivory to Ecru. It’s been popping up on runways and magazines galore. More importantly, it’s what you’ll be wearing to make a statement amidst the sea of expected colors this season.

When customizing your Winter White statement consider texture. You can break up your look by pairing silks, wools, jacquard, fur, lace, leather and other fabrics for high contrast texture.

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If you think it’s not for you – think again. Every skin tone has a shade of white that works. Try out a few shades to see what makes your complexion pop. You can even consult a professional colorist to get an expert analysis of your perfect shades.

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Throw out the old rules about matchy-matchy color combos. You can remix your Winter White outfit with other shades of white. Make it even more modern by throwing in a combination of other neutrals like gray, tan, or metallics.

Worried about your body type? For some, the concept of head-to-toe white is a nightmare. It’s true that dark colors make objects visually recede, and lighter colors make objects appear larger. You can get around this science of perception with a bit of counteractive color theory. Keep the lines of your dress or garment fluid – basically anything that hints at vertical streamlining works. Don’t cut your body in half with a contrasting belt or shoes. Ladies, pick a long flowy or figure-skimming style. Fellas, concider the cut and fit of your individual pieces.

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Don’t get it wrong. This season is all about a fresh pop of Winter White.You can add it to a look as you would do with red or another stunning shade. If you’re just not cool with head to toe white, you can pair it with a darker color on top (for inverted triangle body types) or on the bottom (for pear body types).

How you make it fresh is up to you.