The “Undo” Hairdo

Hairstyling is an important tool in cultivating our social survival. In fact, most of us work to varying degrees to rock the right hairstyle. Check out the never-ending list of publications on the subject of hair and psychology. You’ll see that our preoccupation with hair is more than vanity. And here comes Rihanna – wearing a doobie on national television. It’s a hairstyle familiar to millions of women of African decent who straighten their hair. It’s a technique which uses one’s own head as a giant hot roller. Bobby pins keep the hair close the the scalp and a scarf keeps it protected from disruption. It’s part of the feminine mystique that’s only familiar behind closed bedroom doors and salon floors. That is, until it recently became fodder for social media.
Rihanna is not the first to break modern hair taboo. In early 2012 Victoria Beckham was spotted out and about in a orb of surburban housewife rollers. In fact, hair in varying degrees of wearablity have become de rigeur in some fashion circles. Welcome to the era of “The Undo”.

Not everyone is on the Undo bandwagon.  After consulting a handful of stylists and hair experts, the general consensus is that undos are a no-go.   That still leaves us with the burning question: What do you do when you just can’t help going out in public with undone hair?


If it’s rollers you’re trying to keep from public view, you’ll have to shop carefully. Revisit an old favorite of the Jackson 5 and other 1970’s trendsetters: the large newsboy hat. It’s also fondly known as the Applejack hat. It’s roomy, so you can stuff your curler-cluttered head into it and still be chic.


Don’t even let on that your hair is in a style-setting transition. Find a wig that closely matches your existing hairstyle, color and texture. You can do a complete 180 by choosing a wig that’s the complete opposite of your look. Be prepared to answer the question: “Is that your hair?” The answer is always yes. It’s yours because you bought it.

Scarves never go out of style, but they do seem to undergo fashion rebirth every few years. Headscarves are hot right now. See the DCL feature “The Art of the Scarf”—>click here for more details and how-to’s.


This solution is for the style warriors who are always willing to push the envelope. For you brave souls, rocking your undo in public is a welcome challenge. Some modification is in order though. Rihanna glammed up her doobie wrap with rhinestones. Spiff up your undo with embellished bobby pins. Slip a flower clip on a headfull of pincurls. Tie your twists or braids into a knot and slip on a face-framing headband.

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