Smelling Your Sunday Best

Few experiences are more spiritually rewarding than Sunday church service. I always try to put my best foot forward with personal presentation. I rarely doubt my style choices – That is until one Sunday, I started noticing some weird reactions.


My pew neighbor greeted me with a smile.  Minutes later, she erupted in fits of sneezes. Poor lady, it must be allergies.  To my right, a small child clutched desperately to her dad as she tasted the air. Her plump face twisted with each lip smack. I heard wheezing behind me to turn around and find this.


I knew at that moment – I was wearing too much perfume.

Don’t make my mistake. If your fragrance hovers around you like Pig Pen’s cloud of dirt, you’ll need to tone it down with these tips:

Don’t be rude with your fragrance attitude
It boils down to a matter of etiquette. Church, work, and job interviews are three settings where you should not impose your scent. Sitting in close conditions increases the impact of your perfume. You could be creating an uncomfortable situation
For those with allergies or sensitivity. Forcing your love of Juicy Couture down the nostrils of your nearby churchgoers for several hours is a distraction and just plain wrong.

Deodorize don’t distract
Make hygiene your main scent focus. Prevent body odor with bathing followed up with antibacterial products and antiperspirants. Don’t be caught slinking in late after a night of #yolo nonsense at a smoky bar, either. Refresh your hair with a product like Pink Sugar’s Hair Perfume when you don’t have time for a full wash and go in the AM.


Layer Slayer
We wear perfume for ourselves as well as other people. If you absolutely can’t get right without your “smell-good”, you’ll need to slay the layer technique. Use body wash followed by talc or lotion in your favorite sent. That way, your fragrance will last longer and will have a subtler sent.

This or That
Clean, simple scents are better received than heavier musks and sugary fragrance. If you can’t resist the spritz, choose a lighter scent formulation that won’t intrude on the worship experience of your fellow brothers and sisters.

Did I miss anything? I could use some more tips on church perfume problems. What’s your advice when it comes to “Sunday Best” fragrance?

2 thoughts on “Smelling Your Sunday Best

  1. This is such an informative and funny post. And no, you did not miss anything.

    • doubleclicklife

      Thanks! BTW, is there a fragrance you’re digging this season? I’m glad you stopped by! Keep in touch (∩_∩)

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