Smell Like Foodie

What’s does a food fan smell like? Well, if you’re lucky, you smell one of the following fragrance editions of your favorite foods.

Cheeteau is the inaugural fragrance by famed Cheetos brand spokes-cheetah, Chester Cheetah. Inspired by the popular snack, the scent also boasts buttery notes, accents of sharp cheddar and a touch of lemon for balance, perfect for evening or day wear. “My fans are always telling me they love it when Cheetos dust lingers on their lips and fingers, keeping the deliciously cheesy scent around a little longer,” said Chester Cheetah, official spokes-cheetah of the Cheetos brand.  “So this spring, I’ve decided to bottle the iconic aroma so that the pleasure of Cheetos is never farther than a spray away.” The fragrance is available for a limited time.  Learn more about Cheeteau by visiting

The concept of making a popular foodstuff into fragrance is not new. Pizza Hut actually released it’s own spray-on aroma in 2013.  Like Cheeteau, it was released in limited quantities.  If you’re a die-hard fan of the brand, you can probably find a bottle being auctioned on eBay or a dark alley.  In 2008, Burger King released it’s entre into the world of cologne with Flame by BK.  Yes, it smells like a flame-broiled burger.

If smelling like food is your thing you can opt for more classic scents like Popcorn by Demeter.  The fragrance boasts the ability to remind you of a movie date.  You can always reminisce your childhood with their Tootsie Roll, Junior Mints, or Dots colognes also.