Sideways Manicure

This look is a variation of a clever tutorial from cutepolish. Everyone digs a french tip. Now change your perspective and put the tip on the side.

For this design, you’ll need:

-Milani 10 Pyramid Passion (hot iridescent pink)
-TN Gold Nail Art Paint (gold metallic with a pen attachment or a dotting tool)

Paint your nails with the 2 coats of pink polish. Reserving accent nails.

Paint accent nails with 2 coats of gold polish.

Allow nails to dry completely before applying the next coat.

Swipe gold polish down the 3/4 of the nail – reserving the pink edge. Allow to dry completely before applying a second coat. Try to add a natural curve to the polish application

On the accent nails, swipe pink polish in the same way – reserving the gold edge.

Use the nail art pen tip or a dotting tool to drop a few gold spots along the edge of the accent nails.

Follow up with your favorite top coat on all nails except the accent nails. This will help the lines blend.

Drop me a comment below 😉 Have fun with your new nail look!

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