Shoes That Save the Urbane Tourist

Walking down a street I’ve never been on before…  Sunshine that won’t quit and miles of beautiful cityscape that begs to be discovered.  Feet don’t fail me now.

As part of my New Orleans  travel recap, I have to give props to my wise purchase of Crocs Adrina Flats.  I never thought I would wear anything made by the the brand that brought us those ubiquitous clogs.  As soon as I put them on, my feet felt as though I’d dipped them in cool water.  BTW, I dipped down to the pool of our swank hotel in the French Quarter to stap these pics. Click here to read my VACAY PICKS review.


2015-07-24 21.35.01I wore them during my recent trip to New Orleans.  I wouldn’t have been able to handle exploring the city with cobblestone streets with extensive walking and standing that makes vacations fun.
Here’s why I recommend Crocs Adrina Flats:

2015-07-24 21.25.35

More support than flat-to-the-ground sandals

Cushiony gel insole with arch support and little massaging polyps

Flexible construction with air flow

Handles rain with ease – Zero drying time – Good for the pool/beach

No slip grip

Nice selection of colors and neutrals

Feminine style goes with all kinds of casual looks


Are you a fan of Crocs? Do you have any comfortable and cute shoes you recommend for summer travel?

2 thoughts on “Shoes That Save the Urbane Tourist

  1. I have those Crocs! I bought them in Florida when my feet were killing me. Crocs are one of the best comfortable shoes and stylish.

    • doubleclicklife

      OMG, Louida! What a cool coincidence! They are a lifesaver! Do you have the same color? I got mine at Off Broadway Shoes.

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