5 Ways to Preserve Your Summer Swag

We tend to look and feel our best during the summer season, so let’s try a few ideas to maintain that vibe throughout the colder months. Here are 5 ways you can keep it up year round.

If you’re feeling a little wider, it could be thanks to your warm-yet-frumpy attire. Instead of a single bulky item, opt for multiple thinner layers of clothing. Layers are more effective at keeping you warm. They also help you customize your level of warmth in changing environmental situations like the office, car or mall. Look for natural fibers such as silk, when choosing undergarments for layering.

Summertime affords us more opportunities for a healthy glow. Once we head indoors for the colder months, our sun exposure is limited. You can beef up your bronze with sunless tanning solutions. Slather on some sunscreen though. You’ll want to head outdoors to catch some rays so your body can produce more vitamin D, too. The essential vitamin will help you stave off seasonal affective disorder, boost your immune system, and keep your metabolism cranking.

Look for ways to keep your activity level high when you can’t tolerate everyday outdoor interaction with the weather. Concider a sassy dance class to pump up the heat factor or water sport like swimming to keep you in that summertime frame of mind. Summer is when we’re at our most active, so keep the momentum rolling in new ways during the fall & winter.

Eat more seasonal produce. Statistically, we tend to eat healthier when the temperature heats up. Thanks to the abundance of local produce available at outdoor farmers markets, we’re consuming fresh food more regularly during the summer. That means that we’re pumped full of antioxidants and vitamin C from seasonal fruits and veggies. Studies suggest that our core temperature raises when we eat. Since the weather is already hot, our bodies suppress our hunger so we eat less. We’re eating less and when we do it, it’s generally healthier than what we consume the rest of the year.

Winter months bring a myriad of holidays. Along with the joys of the season: the stress of the season. Do what you can to plan ahead while the weather is warm (travel, gifts, costumes, etc.) You’ll save yourself a few tension headaches. When time allows, plan for mini-breaks to keep holiday meltdowns at bay.

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