Polished Mondays: Kiss Gel Fantasy

I’m amped. My mani has held up and held on for over a week now.  That NEVER happens.  I discovered a new way to get a professional gel set at home.

Start off with these Gel Fantasy nails from Kiss.  They have a whole line of different colors and designs.  They feel just like gel.  They have a natural thinner profile than other falsies.

I customize my nails with this kit from Kiss which includes some edgy accents.

I’m keeping it in the brand family with these design stencils for my chevron.  BTW, this kit has a nice assortment of half moons, sweetheart, and french shapes.  I’m also bringing out my Kiss nail accent paint and a makeup wedge and a scrap of paper…

I applied my nail accents using the gel glue included with my nail set.  This really seems to be the key to getting things to stick on these nails.  TIP: Don’t expect anything to stick in place immediately.  It will keep sliding around if you keep moving it.  Simply place on top of the glue and allow it to dry for a 10 seconds. Normally,  these little studs n such fall off in a day or two, but not with this gel & nails.

Now here is a grey area. I always have problems getting my paint on smooth and not lumpy with stencils. I have peeling away to see uneaven paint layers. Experiment with sponging on your accent color.

I am very pleased with the results. No need for top coat. Even the accent color stays put.

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