Pack Like A Pro

Many of us put off packing until the last minute. Some of us over-pack. Some of us under-pack. Some of don’t know what to pack.

We’ll tackle our traveling woes with Lisa Ford of Invent Your Image. With her help, we’ll uncover some strategies to help you pack your bags like a pro.

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Style Notes for the Modern Gent

Coming up on DoubleCLICKLife, we talk about the elements of men’s style with Scott Moore of UrbanBody Clothing. Guys, you’ll definitely want to take notes! Stay posted for the upcoming video, “Style Notes for the Modern Gent”…

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Summer Berry Fruit Parfaits

These delicious parfaits are a sweet ending to a satisfying meal. Serve them in Martini glasses to make easy serving sizes in style. They’re also pretty light despite their rich flavor and texture. It’s definitely dessert without the hurt.

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