Natural Hair: What’s the big deal?

Thousands of women are making the transition to wearing their hair in its natural state. You see it everywhere from the bus stop to the boardroom in all lengths, colors and textures. Is it simply a fashion trend or a way of life?

Fashion editors argue that going natural is indeed a trend and when the trend is over women will go back to relaxing their hair every 5-7 weeks for those bone-straight tresses that they once knew and loved. Women like the convenience that relaxed hair affords them. Not to mention the versatility. With relaxed hair, the style options are seemingly endless.

The responses from the women who have made the transition to natural vary about as much as the women themselves. One reader responded, “I go natural for 6 months at a time then I go back to relaxing my hair every 4 weeks.” Another reader has been wearing her hair naturally for 6 years and has no desire to ever go back to the “creamy crack,” the urban nickname for the chemical hair relaxer. A final reader comments, “To a certain extent, I think it’s a fad and I believe that those that did it for deeper & more meaningful reasons will stick with it.

There’s no doubt that keeping your hair free of chemicals is healthier than not, but is relaxing really that bad for your hair? Many beauticians suggest that relaxing is not bad for your hair when applied by a licensed professional, however, the women whose hair is now clogging the drain in the shower would beg to differ.

Only you can answer the question for what is best for your hair. Recent documentaries highlighting various hair trends in the urban community touch on the subject and show the damage that can be done by chemical hair relaxers but not all women share the same experience.

Before making a decision you have to know what your hair can handle. It helps to know your heritage because what may be natural for one woman may not be what is natural for you. Natural hair styles will not look the same on everyone so do what works for you. Find the balance between what’s natural and what’s beautiful on you.


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7 thoughts on “Natural Hair: What’s the big deal?

  1. Natural hair has lots of versatility but does require comittment. What do you think? Are you ready to go natural?

    • Debbie

      I have been natural for the past 4 years and I love it. I am NEVER going back to relaxers…hate the smell of that thing…
      My hair is so much healthier now. Once you understand your texture you would know what styles are best suited for you. I personally don’t think it is a fad, women are black women are becoming more and more comfortable with their identity.

  2. Rhonda

    I went all natural in the summer of 2010 and am so glad that I did. After over 20 years of chemically relaxing my hair, I decided that I needed to give my hair a “rest”. I did the big chop but it is growing back quickly. I’ll probably continue to let it grow for versatility. So when I have moments that I desire to wear it straight, I’ll make a visit to the salon and let them do their magic. Then, when ready, just give it a wash to go back to natural. I love having these options.

  3. Jelani

    I rock the natural because for me it’s less maintenance. I know i am not putting any forced stress on my hair or folicles, thus reducing the chances of me going bald.

  4. Sheila

    Natural hair is the best way to go, if you live in a jungle climate. I have relaxed my hair in the summer and it just doesn’t work for me. My hair is more healthier since I went natural. Would like to hear more on natural/relaxed hair.

    Thank you.


  6. Deedee

    Take off the wigs, lace fronts, etc. for 1 day. Then we will see why going natural is best.
    Women are bald in fronts, sides, and the back of their heads. It’s very sad to see. Many times
    It is these women who dislike natural hair, because they would then have to face what they
    Have allow someone who was called a “professional” to do to them over and over again. Some will
    Not stop wearing a wig, etc. until they have 1 strand of hair on the top. And the would still
    Weave on it. It’s a shame. I could cry, so many of my family members are bald at such a young

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