My Curl Diary: Aunt Jackie’s Conditioner

I  love  being a Naturalista.  On a recent jaunt to my favorite beauty supply shop, a fellow #TEAMNATURAL recommended
Aunt Jackie’s IN CONTROL “Anti-Poof” Moisturizing & Softening Conditioner



Skeptical…My hair doesn’t agree with many of the products on the hot list with naturals.  Blame the low porosity, but I have to be choosy with how my spend my hard-earned skrilla.  Natural hair products are a booming market segment with potions promising all kinds of results –  and costing a grip.  Once she assured me that we have similar hair struggles, I gladly popped a jar into my basket. Why not? The price point is lower than most others on the shelf.  I am definitely looking to bring my hair budget under control.

I’ve used this with my wash & go routine (click here to see my tried and true method for defined texture).


What can I say about this conditioner? Here goes:

    • SLIPIt has a decent amount. Enough to make my comb slide through without the sound of shredded strands.
    • CONSISTENCYI wish it were a bit denser.  It is midweight, but it makes for a good co-wash.
    • PRICE Depending on where you buy, a cheaper alternative to As I AM, Shea Moisture, etc. 
    • SCENT – Nice. Pleasant. I dig.
 Have you ever used this product? What did you think of it?

I'd luv to hear from ya!