Living Large


Hair products have truly become status symbols.  There are some great diy solutions and inexpensive wonder products that give beautiful results. The reality for many of us is that we fall in love with expensive products that make our hair behave in magical ways.  Try as we may, nothing can completely replace these products in our hair regimen.  When we can budget them in, its a truly satisfying feeling. Given the hundreds of dollars of our disposable income spent on these products, is it a crazy idea to want to display them as one would showcase a jewel or rare memorabilia?

Season 2 Black-ish episode, “Keeping Up with the Johnsons” highlights the delicate balance between naturals, specific products, and budget. Check out Bow’s hair at :24.

Do you feel some kinda way about your expensive hair products? Drop a response below in the comments section.

And just for giggles, here’s the clip from MTV Cribs’ Fat Joe episode that freaked out sneaker heads. To display the pristine quality of his highly prized kicks, he licks the sole.

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2 thoughts on “Living Large

  1. Anonymous

    I wear my hair straight in the winter and natural in the summer because the humidity is very high all summer. I discovered KeraCare Humidity Blocker hair spray. Its a fine oil mist that actually blocks out humidity and its not expensive. Now I can wear my hair straight in the summer. Love your funnies.

    • doubleclicklife

      Thank youuuu. Wow. I’ve never heard of that product. Will have to try it.

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