I’ve been on the lookout for an every day lippie to keep my lips hydrated and hued.  I’m trying out NYX Simply Pink Lip Creme in SP02 Enchanted.

Pretty color selection. I wanted something a shade or two pinker than nude. I need the moisture for an everyday lip product.  These lip creams are almost identical to the brand’s butter lipsticks.

Exfoliate your lips before applying.  If you have any dryness it will stand out.  This formula highlights every micro crack in the natural texture of hydrated lips, so if you think you’re gonna smack this on in a rush – think again.  It’s nice and creamy, but the color I chose is lighter than I expected.  It has a white base to it that looks super light against darker skin tones.

I found a good use for it by doctoring it up with lip gloss.  This can be a good way to add some base to your sheer or clear gloss.  The gloss emulsifies all the uneven texture.  This gloss is VS Color a nice sheer with a hint of shimmer.

Have you tried the lip creams before? What did you think?