So I’m in Richmond, and I gotta eat. My local source tells me that Croaker’s Spot is the real deal for a soul food meal.

It’s a Sunday and I’m game for brunch- let’s do this.  My selection: tender, well-seasoned, broiled scallops that needed a pinch less salt, but delish  – sauteed onion & peppers, and  mac & cheese with a good ratio of cheese to butteriness to pasta to clump (Luv mac n cheese that clumps). 


That cornbread is heavenly.  You gotta love that it’s the size of a brick. Moist and slightly sweet… BTW… what is the point of unsweet cornbread? It had just enough crust on the baked edges to remind you of a church dinner after service.

Our pleasant waitress told me that their sweet tea is diabetic – just the way I like it.
It’s important that you note the bowl in the background.  That’s a side  of veggie rice.  Portions are big ’round these parts…
The interior vibe is welcoming with with a nod to area history with touches like exposed brick and antique storefront windows.  Artwork on the walls gives you cultural contemplation as you wait for your food.
Here’s the artist featured – S. Ross Browne. I dig his use of lighting. I want to find a place in my dwelling for that sista wearing armour (“The Liberator”).
I’ll be returning to Croaker’s the next time I’m in Richmond and hungry

2 thoughts on “GRUBBING IN RICHMOND: Croaker’s Spot

  1. I’m totally with you on the mac & cheese, however, we will have to part ways on the cornbread. I love me some unsweetened cornbread I save the sweet stuff for dessert LOL the meal sounds great looks even better and if I ever get there I will be sure to let them know you sent me

    • doubleclicklife

      Hi Kellie!!!
      I’m okay to disagree on cornbread! lol!