Friends Call Me Sparkle

It was a line in a lottery television commercial and it stuck with me all these years. It’s an appropriate title for my newest nail creation: a modern nude shade with iridescent dazzle. The name of this manicure is FRIENDS CALL ME SPARKLE. Here’s how to make it your look.

Start of will all the usual prep… blah blah topcoat….blah blah cuticles. You know all that jazz. Add one coat of Wet n’ Wild’s Megalast #204B “Private Viewing.”

This color is making me crazy. It’s a blush nude creme. The brush has professional shorter bristles. The color layers smoothly without streaks.

Apply a second coat to all nails EXCEPT thumbs and ring fingers.

Pour out some sparkles for the homies. I found these unique glitter pots by WNP at $2 a pop. I used the large strand glitter pot.

Paint a nail, then grab a pinch to sprinkle sparkle evenly over fresh paint. Clean up the edges quickly with an orange stick.

Whip out your nail art pen/brush polish. This one is so old that the brand has rubbed off, but these are pretty commonplace in drugstores now. Look for a shimmery silver metallic.

Swipe across the tip of each non-sparkly nail.

Let nails dry and top off with a protective clear coat to seal the sparkles and your silvery tips.

Hold out your hand to introduce yourself to people as Sparkle.

I'd luv to hear from ya!