EMBRACE THOSE ARMS: 5 Confidence-Boosting Tips

We tend to be our own worst critics when it comes to our own bodies.  Many of us avoid sleeveless clothing like the plague.  Strapless gowns are banished from our closets. Tank tops are only permitted as pajamas. We may think that bare arms are not for us because we don’t like their appearance. While we may need to work hard to change our image issues, we can still employ a few techniques to make sleeveless gear more appealing.

Remember trying on that skirt with the hemline that hit you at the worst part of your leg?  You hated it, and left it in the dressing room. If it were a little shorter or longer, you might have kept it in your cart. If you’re having trouble warming up to sleeveless, you may be wearing the wrong kind of sleeveless. There are so many ways to go with naked arms, but every cut doesn’t work for every body type. Tanks are flattering to most body types, and you can experiment with all kinds of necklines from square to u-shaped.  Strapless is another cut with a virtually-universal appeal.  Padded sleeveless is a good choice for balancing the upper body with a fuller lower half.  It also creates a more squared shoulder silhouette.  Cap sleeves are everywhere.  These cover the top corner of your arm like a cap.  Beware of where the cut of the sleeve hits your arm, if it lands in the fullest part of your arm, it can create width. Halters have that classic pin-up appeal.  They help balance a fuller chest or wider shoulders.  Split sleeves help you showcase your skin texture with a visible slice of arm showing.  Spaghetti straps are another classic with appeal, but should be avoided by body types with a fuller upper body.  Skip the thin straps and go strapless instead.


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Perhaps you feel like your upper arms are too large. A lot of us do. Think about the contrast in color between your the flesh tone of your arm and your garment. If the contrast is high, you highlight the begining and end of your arm girth.  If you take the contrast down a notch with neutrals or colors closer to your skin tone, the arm stands out less from the garment.  It becomes harder to tell where your arm circumference begins and ends.

Work the Contrast

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Contouring can also subtract some inches from your arms. Your local spray tan joint can hook you up with some temporary muscle definition.  You can even be bold enough to try it at home with makeup.  The technique similar to how you would contour your face with bronzer and highlighter.  Flex and add a light layer of contouring to where your muscles indent.  Add highlighter to the peaks of your muscles – like your shoulder and top of your bicep.

Hop down on the floor. Get low with a few push ups before you get ready to step out.  The increased activity and blood flow to the area temporarily improves your muscle definition.  Add on some toning benefits with the aid of a firming cream for healthy looking arms.

If you’re still feeling self-concious about those arms, strike a pose. Your stance can change your whole attitude.  Work some visual illusions as you post up at a party, take pictures, or anywhere you need to flash some confidence. The key is to avoid mashing your arms across the body which creates a spreading effect.  Instead, lift the arms away from the body in different degrees. Try “The Hunch”, a tried-and-true high fashion pose used by fashion models since the last century.  It will thin the arms and make you look chic.  “The Skinny Arm” is a a camera-ready pose perfected by the party scene.  Try “The Relaxed Skinny” when you’re not in front a the lens.  Use “The Chair Lift” when you sit by propping an arm up on a crossed leg and another on an armrest.  Use “The Casual” with shoulders back, loose arm placement and the utmost confidence.  “The Flex” is a great way to showcase your beautiful arms and the muscles beneath the surface.

Find a balance between appreciating your unique body and showcasing it with confidence. With a few strategies, you can find a way to feel good showing off your bare arms.  You deserve to look and feel your best in what you chose to wear.