Cool Matte Madness

I’m absolutely bananas about matte nails. Maybe “bananas” isn’t a current enough word to describe my joy over the nail look of the moment. I remember wearing matte nails back in my younger days. Hmmm, in that case a thowback term is appropriate.

You can achieve a chalkboard finish by simply swiping your nails with a final coat of mattifying top coat. That’s it. Easy peazy. Best of all, you can give new life to the polish colors you already have. That means you’re saving money. Wear it a a basic top coat, or play around with tone on tone by layering a design element to contrast shiny and matte textures of the same hue.

I’ve rounded up a few easy chic ideas for you to try:

A funky french tip is my go-to nail design. Look at this variation from Nail Design Arts

Who says the wet look is out? Look at this creative tone on tone droplet idea from Nail Nerd

Sometimes you want to have fun, but you need to keep your look conservative for work. Think about all the fun you can have with your nail designs if you use a mattifying coat to create subtle swag for your fingertips. See what Le Fashion Blog did.

Pick up a mattifying top coat of your choice. If you’re a beauty product fan, do research a few brands. If you’re a quick fix/budget diva, try Wet & Wild Mattifying Top Coat. Play around with some ideas and have fun with your creations.