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Living Large

We’ve all done it. Spent more money than we should have on natural hair products. But having fabulous natural hair means you have to buy expensive products. Otherwise, you’ll look a hot mess. Of course, some say different.

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Easy Acrylic Nails

I’ve always gone to the salon for acrylic nails.  That is until one lazy Sunday afternoon when I made it my job to learn how to do it at home. It was surprisingly easy. For this look, I used Kiss Acrylic Nail kit – a good starter with everything included in one box. No need…

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5 Ways to Wear Sparkle Shoes

If you’re living for Christmas season fashion, you’ve probably been eyeing those sparkly pumps in your closet since October – plotting the perfect moment to slay your social circle. There are so many ways to support them, so here are five suggestions to get you started: WEAR THEM WITH A GOWN See how I rocked…

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