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We’ve all been guilty of it.  Sitting on the couch in activewear… Making a supermarket run in activewear… Going to dinner in activewear.  Basically, wearing activewear when you’re not doing anything remotely athletic or very active.  It’s gotta stop.  Wearing activewear everywhere is a big style no-go.


It violates longstanding rules of etiquette for a number of common situations.  Showing up to a friend’s birthday dinner in a sports bra and yoga pants may signal that you didn’t put enough effort in to respecting the occasion. It could also send mixed signals to others about your hygiene.  Your companions may question if you’re fresh off the treadmill in funk marinated tee and leggings. 

The appeal of activewear is that if you’ve gained a couple of pounds, it can rest comfortably on your extra circumference.  If your lifestyle is hectic, activewear is a guaranteed comfort choice.  Finding pants that may or may not cut into your waist can be a time-consuming chore for time-crunched people.  Check out my post for inspiration on dressing comfortably for the weekends.

That’s not to say that you can’t toss on a pair of New Balance and running shorts to go to the mall or meet up with a few friends.  From time to time, we need activewear as that easy wardrobe fix.  It just means that it its your e’rrday-all-day look, you gotta step up your game.  Rest assured that I will be guilty of it again come one rainy Saturday afternoon when I run out of household essentials. 

Is the activewear trend here to stay? Do you think its appropriate or inappropriate for any settings?

2 thoughts on “What Not to Activewear

  1. Anonymous

    Thank you for the posting. I agree it does not look good. appropriate for gym and workouts.

    • doubleclicklife

      I’m glad you stopped by. Yeah, its so comfy that it can make for a wardrobe rut.

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