I’m Nikki Minors – a deluxe-sized fashion enthusiast, self-taught jewelry-maker, do-it-yourself geek, natural hair champion, and editor-in-chief for DoubleCLICKLife {DCL}. I started this venture many years ago, but never made it happen until now. Putting aside fear of failure is no small task, but I knew that I had unique perspectives to share with people like me. As a professional woman of color with varied interests, quirky taste and active community involvement, I knew someone out there would relate to my brand of style of living, fashion, cooking [and eating].

You reading this means a lot. It means that you saw one of my articles, photos, or videos somewhere and decided that you needed to see more. I means that I’m finally catching on to this whole blogging thing. I means that I created something that will help, inspire, entertain, or inform you about something that will change a small piece of your daily life. It also means that I’m not from Mars and I’m speaking a language that you get. [Thank goodness!]

Thanks for sharing a bit of your day with me and DoubleCLICKLife.

Along the process of putting {DCL} together, I have a chance to meet some dynamic dreamers, aficionados, and motivators. See more about the people who contribute to DoubleCLICKLife.

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