30 Days

Our world is getting faster every day. Maybe it’s time to slow down with the 30 Day Fast Food Challenge. You may have heard of this month’s initiative to avoid the preprocessed foods found on almost every street corner. It’s not too late to try the challenge. In fact, you can try it at any time you choose.

Fast food includes any products which are overly processed and sold for convenience. This typically includes burger chains, pizza franchises, and any other fried-food drive-in emporiums. Fast food can also be found at food courts, street vendors, and take out restaurants. Any food product which undergoes multiple stages of preparation, like burgers that are cooked, frozen, then recooked, can be considered fast food. Fast food can also be a meal that has been sitting under a heat lamp for an unspecified amount of time, or pumped full of additives to make it more appealing.

Someone who eats a diet of farm-to-table meals may be repulsed by fast food flavors. For many, fast food is appealing for taste, convenience, and price. It’s a meal that’s made cheaply. Sometimes the cheap cost of materials is passed along to to the customer. Over time, the seemingly low price of each meal adds up. Over a 30 day period, the average consumer can save money by opting to buy groceries and prepare their own meals. Since fast food often contributes to heart disease, cancer, and diabetes, factor in the savings cost of the medical treatments you may avoid.

The 30 Day Fast Food Challenge isn’t about deprivation. You could gain more wellness. According to agedefyingbody.com, the human body has a regeneration schedule. In just 30 days, you could see noticeable changes in your hair and skin as a result of your toxin-reduced diet.

The point of the challenge is to help you think about what you eat and make wiser choices. Those choices might involve more advance planning and investing more time in preparing meals. The choices you make can be simple. In fact, you can challenge yourself even more by replacing your entree and sides with healthier, homemade alternatives. Consider this simple fruit salad as a refreshing side dish, dessert or snack.

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Loyal Henderson is host and writer for DCL’s On Your Plate

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