2012 Music Roundup

As the year winds down to its end, I decided to reflect on some of the musical discoveries I made this year. I wouldn’t consider this collection a best-of by any means, but these tracks are part of the year’s highlights. This is a nice relaxer-enhancer for the background, and not some disarming, cracked-out tour of the musical world. That might happen anyways from time to time, but hopefully not with this collection.

I’m Professor Jukebox, and I hope you enjoy my 2012 Music Roundup.

2012 Roundup by DoubleCLICKLife on Grooveshark

1. Move Love (Feat. KING) – Robert Glasper Experiment
This track is from the album ‘Black Radio’ which was released in February. This track features the group KING who need to hurry up with their debut album. KING released a 3-track E.P. in 2011which ties in perfectly with this track that leads me to expect great things from this group.

2. Disparate Youth – Santigold
I got the opportunity to see Santigold in concert back in 2007 before she had released her first album, which was released in 2008. ‘Master Of My Make-Believe’ which came out in May is her second album from which this track came from.

3. Wassup (A$AP Rocky) – Clams Casino
Every other month or so, I get restless and get into my Indiana Jones mode for new music. I wanted to explore the genre Witch House and through my findings I stumbled upon Clams Casino. I certainly wouldn’t call his music Witch House but this track was first one I listened to and was instantly hooked. This is from his ‘Instrumental Mixtape 2’ album which was released in June and is a collection of tracks that he produced for other artists but omitting their vocals. Clams casino is also the name for a dish that originated in Rhode Island that involves clams, bacon and breadcrumbs.

4. Love In A Foreign Place – Gossip
This song is from the album ‘A Joyful Noise’ which was released in May. I still don’t understand why this album has gotten so many mediocre reviews. It’s more pop driven compared to their previous 4 albums but that shouldn’t cause it to lose any cool points. I’m a huge sucker for the convergence of all rhythm types found in the chorus. I can’t believe this wasn’t released as a single.

5. Martian – Mrs. Jynx
This track was actually released in January 2011 but I’m going to break the mold with this track because Mrs. Jynx is my favorite discovery this year. This track is from a split album called Bermuda Triangle.

6. Obedear – Purity Ring
This group is considered to be part of the Witch House genre, which I had never heard of. This track is from their debut album that was released in August. This is one of my favorite albums released this year. “The Weirder The Better” I always say, and this definitely goes there with the vocal samples and lyrics. Because of this group, I discovered Clams Casino so props to them.

7. What Airtime – Cooly G
I’ve seen Cooly G’s name around and I know she’s on the same label as Burial but I finally got around to listening to her music and (for a lack of imagination with words) it’s pretty cool. This track is from her album ‘Playin’ Me’ which came out in July. It’s a bit more minimalistic than my usual taste but that beat is awesome.

8. Mama Told Me (Feat. Kelly Rowland) – Big Boi
I was very excited to hear about this collaboration seeing how Kelly Rowland is my favorite thing about Destiny’s Child and Big Boi gets all kindsa cool points for mentioning that a dream collaboration for him would be to work with Kate Bush. This is from the album ‘Vicious Lies And Dangerous Rumors’ which was released in December.

9. Truant – Burial
Burial was something I discovered in 2011 and became obsessed with the album ‘Untrue’. Apparently, Burial’s music is considered dubstep but it is a different kind of dubstep from the wah-wah-wah-allergic-reaction-sinus sounding kind. I like both types but I don’t understand why they are under the same umbrella. All my naïve self knows is that Burial’s music is brooding and menacing yet sensitively fragile with a tinge of melancholy which is perfect for rainy days and late night drives through the city. This track continues with everything that I love about Burial’s music. The track’s length was a little intimidating to me at first but this is more like a classical piece with several movements. This comes from a 2 track E.P. entitled ‘Truant/Rough Sleeper’ which was released in December.