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Joining the on-demand content revolution

Welcome to the official blog of DoubleCLICKLife.  You’ll find articles from our varied show categories such as On Your Plate, Trends, and Wellness.  When you can’t find our latest video, check here for frequently published and updated articles.

2011 promises to be a busy year. We are developing our website and future home of all things DoubleCLICKLife. Soon, we’ll have a one-stop location where you can view our videos, read our articles, and keep up with all stuff you wanna know about. We’ve also launched DoubleCLICKLife podcasts for iTunes.  We will be continually updating the feed so that you can watch DoubleCLICKLife wherever you go: the salon, dentist’s office, car wash, barbershop, or at work. Don’t worry – we won’t tell the boss that you’re loving our podcasts.  To subscribe, go to the iTunes store and search for DoubleCLICKLife or click the link in our side navigation. —>

Keeping DoubleCLICKLife relevant and fresh is an ongoing job. We’d like to hear from you. If you’re interested in becoming part of the creative team or have a suggestion, drop a few lines in our inbox or comments.  Thanks to our writers, hosts and technical team for their contributions to making DoubleCLICKLife a reality.

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